Empires of Steel is a turn-based wargame. Form alliances, capture and trade resources, research new technologies, and form huge invasion fleets to conquer your opponents. Single or multiplayer, voicechat, customizable maps, scenarios, and rules.

- Single player (vs AI) and Multiplayer (Internet, LAN, PBEM)
- Trade Resources, Voicechat, Teams, share maps with other players
- "We-go" turn system - all players setup their turns at the same time
- Map and Scenario Editor
- Rules Editor: create your own units, technologies, technology tree, city improvements.
      Empires of Steel is more than a wargame; it's also a platform for wargames.
- Upload/Download System: lets players share their maps, scenarios, and rules with other players.


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New: Join the "Empires of Steel" Google Group

January, 2019

There's a Google Group that players can join to find other players for multiplayer games.
If you'd like to join:
    Go to: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/empires-of-steel-players
    Click "Apply for Membership".
    You can choose how often you receive emails from the group.

You can also visit the old forums for information Empires of Steel, including details on modding the game:

Empires of Steel Google Group

January, 2019

- There's now a Google Group players can join to find other players for multiplayer games.

Version 1.01.20523 Available

December 15, 2018

- Fixed bug: There was a bug in the unit-grouping code that could crash the game.
- Fixed bug: The airfields in the rules-editor couldn't be set to consume resources.
- Fixed bug: The airfields would consume too many resources.
- Added 19 New Flags. Thanks, Shawn, for the new flags.

Version 1.01.20502 Available

September 5, 2018

- Fixed bug: Dead units no longer appear in the trade window.
- Fixed a bug where units could 'teleport' into a transport. Occurred only on wrapped maps.

Version 1.01.20477 Available

February 21, 2017

- Changed notification: if you turn-off "Research not set" warnings, the game will remember (and not warn you again, even if you restart the application).
- Changed notification: if you turn-off "Resource" warnings, the game will remember (and not warn you again, even if you restart the application).
- Fixed a problem with the EOSMessenger: the number of new events was not being updated correctly.

Version 1.01.20461 Available

January 24, 2017

- There was bug in the PBEM naming system that would stop players from starting a new game if the name was too long.
- I moved a bunch of files out of the EmpiresOfSteel directory and into the User/EmpiresOfSteel directory, because that's the way Windows likes it. This will allow players to play EOS without running in Admin mode.
- Added a "Check for PBEM Updates" button next to the "Process Turn" button.
- Disabled the "Process Turn" button unless the player can actually use it.
- In PBEM games, when the player presses "submit orders", it checks if there are any updates. If there are, the 'submit orders' is ignored.
- Fixed a problem with PBEM games where the AI wasn't taking their turn if the game-server is left running.
- Added an "All players have submitted their turns" notification email. This can be set using the "PBEM Settings" window.

Version 1.01.19947 Available

July 3, 2016

- There was a bug in the "Free Production" functionality; it wasn't giving any free production except in special cases (e.g. free production of Infantry worked).

Version 1.01.19905 Available

Feb 29, 2016

- The borders of players weren't disappearing after they were eliminated from the game.
- The EOS application was changed to allow for larger memory. This will help prevent large games from running out of memory.
- If the user tries to open more than one copy of Empires of Steel, it displays a warning message. Opening the same game more than once can cause problems, and this popup warning helps users avoid doing that.

New Video: Playthrough video for Empires of Steel

October 25, 2015

Sabouts put together a 'Let's Play' video for Empires of Steel.

Pay What You Want

October 13, 2015

Empires of Steel is now available at the low, low cost of pay-what-you-want. Enjoy!


October 13, 2015

Lately, I've been playing around with the AI, working on making it better. There may be an update for this coming in the next few months.

Version 1.01.18304 Available

March 30, 2014

- Fixed a problem where players are able to see technologies on their 'research options' which cannot be researched because they belong to other unitsets.

Version 1.01.18001 Available

January 11, 2014

- Included a 4gb version of the application. This should help avoid 'out of memory' problems on very large maps.
- Fixed two crashes.
- Fixed a problem with the Carrier (Class 3) image file.

Version 1.01.17402 Available

March 2, 2013

- Fixed Crash: There was a crash that could occur in multiplayer games when players used custom field orders.
- Changed Process: The game will autosave after processing the turn in multiplayer games. This will help avoid problems with crashes.

Version 1.01.17331 Available

November 12, 2012

- Fixed Hang: Added feature to prevent the game from locking up during turn processing

Version 1.01.17315 Available

August 12, 2012

- Fixed Something

Version 1.01.17283 Available

September 9, 2011

- Fixed Crash: There was a bug in the AI that would cause some scenarios to crash
- Fixed Crash: There was a bug related to UnitGroups causing the game to crash

Version 1.01.17212 Available

August 31, 2011

- Changed some of the code behind PBEM games to avoid errors
- Fixed bug: Fixed a bug that caused grouped units in transports to get stuck in the water

Version 1.01.16810 Available

May 30, 2011

- Changed the IM Log to show only the most recent 400 messages because it was getting overly full
- Made changes to the system to help avoid crashes in PBEM games.
- Fixed bug: the PBEM games weren't showing the Turn-Processing Percentage

Version 1.01.16506 Available

April 18, 2011

- Fixed some uncommon crashes in the game

Version 1.01.16336 Available

March 11, 2011

- Fixed bug: the cost of upgrades was being miscalculated
- Fixed bug: unit-groups could be seen at a city's default range (e.g. 80) even if the group is composed of subs which can only be seen at a distance of 40
- Added the Iranian flag
- Fixed bug: the PBEM window would set the update time to 60 minutes
- Fixed bug: sometimes user-created rulesets run into a problem where only one city-improvement can be created in a city
- Fixed crash: there was a bug in the turn-processing code that could cause a crash

Version 1.01.16146 Available

January 30, 2011

- Fixed bug: there was a problem in the AI trade when the AI wants to sell resources that can be exploited by human players
- Added a button to the preferences window that allows old game data to be deleted (important when the game save file is too large).
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes hide the borders for human players
- Multiplayer online games will automatically save a backup copy so players can recover from crashes
- Added some debug information to the Debug.txt file to troubleshoot problems a player was having
- Changed some things with the PBEM system to hopefully fix some download problems

Version 1.01.16025 Available

January 20, 2011

- Rules Editor, Fixed bug: under certain conditions, buildings wouldn't show up in the rules editor building list
- Changed the way that border lines are handled
- Added some debug information to the Debug.txt file to troubleshoot problems a player was having

Version 1.01.15934 Available

January 10, 2011

- The technology window's items-in-production list won't snap back to the top
- Added a hotkey to cycle through the idle cities
- Fixed a bug with ships leaving the city to attack ground units and blocking ground units from entering the city
- Fixed crash that can happen when trading resource-sources
- Fixed bug: when 'all players are at war', the initial team settings were ignored. This is fixed now.

Version 1.01.15821 Available

December 21th, 2010

- Fixed bug: nukes would sometimes explode in the wrong location
- The Foreign Relations window can be resized, and the game restores the window's last size and position
- Changed the AdHoc order system so units don't automatically leave forts to attack enemies
- Fixed an interface bug: sometimes players couldn't target any enemies in a group when there were multiple enemies in one location
- Fixed bug in the highlighting in the city-build window

Version 1.01.15702 Available

December 15th, 2010

- Fixed crash: there was a bug in the 'destroy improvement' save-game code.
- Fixed bug: the pause production flag was not being saved in the save-game file.
- Fixed some issues and made improvements to the EOS Messenger Application
- Fixed a bug in the updater

One Year Anniversary, DRM

December 10th, 2010

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been just over one year since the game was released. As part of the one-year anniversary, the game is now DRM-free. If you buy a copy from Battlefront or you update your existing copy of the game, you'll have a DRM-free copy.

Version 1.01.15608 Available

December 6th, 2010

- Made aircraft better about flying home automatically (when they do ad-hoc orders to attack something)
- Fixed a bug in the movement rate of ballistic missiles
- Added text descriptions to the range-lines of aircraft
- Rules Editor: Added the ability to remove upgrades
- Fixed a bug in the view-range of airfield improvements
- City Improvements can now be destroyed by their owner (but only at a rate of one per turn)
- Fixed Regression: Aircraft in groups wouldn't take off
- Adjusted the Official Rules:
  - Slowed down how quickly ballistic missiles move in the Official Rules (allowing players to see incoming missiles)
  - Increased the movement range of Missile (V2)
  - Renamed "Missile (V2)" to "Short Range Missile"
  - Reduced the price of "Short Range Missile" and "Medium Range Missile"
  - Increased the submarine-detection range of destroyers and cruisers
  - Increased the radar range of the City/Airfield Radar
  - The Nuclear SRBM no longer upgrades to the Nuclear ICBM
  - Reduced Missiles to 1 HP

Version 1.01.15411 Available

November 30th, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Added artillery-fire animations for artillery, cruisers, and battleships
- Changed the display of missile-smoke trails to make fuller smoke
- Fixed Bug: The scenario-editor discovered tool wasn't working correctly
- Fixed Bug: Aircraft inside a group inside a carrier can sometimes fly-back to the wrong location on the map
- Fixed Bug: There was a glitch in the animation system that would slow down the game over time
- Fixed Bug with the research and resource warnings popup
- The tech-research bar will appear even when the application-window width is short
- Fixed a few bugs in the rules editor
- Added debug and verification data to the PBEM system

Version 1.01.15126 Available

November 22nd, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Fixed a crash
- Changed the unit-description display shown inside the city-build window
- Fixed bug: 'radar visible' aircraft and missiles were appearing on the map even though they were landed.
- Fixed bug: 'radar visible' missiles inside submarines were visible on the map, even though though the submarine itself was not visible
- Units inside other units no longer appear on the map (this means aircraft/missiles in carriers, troops in transports)
- Fixed bug: missiles would sometimes appear incorrectly after they were launched
- Fixed bug: nukes would sometimes not explode

Version 1.01.14937 Available

November 15th, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Added a new map: the NorthAfrica (Beta) map. This is not a World War 2 scenario, just a two-player map in North Africa.
- PBEM: Added a "Load Last Game" button to the main-menu interface, under "PBEM" and "Single Player" menus
- Added smoke pumes to cities based on the number of refugees
- Fixed Bug: the meetup times in the internet-chat would sometimes be wrong
- Fixed Bug: Units would sometimes get caught on terrain and couldn't move
- Fixed Bug: Aircraft were not returning home when they should (this bug was introduced in the last update, thanks to changes in the AdHoc order system)
- Fixed a bug with nuclear bombers: they'd sometimes destroy units they fly over
- Fixed Bug: combat sound effects were playing even when sound effects were turned off

Version 1.01.14765 Available

November 9th, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Units will automatically capture resources and cities (with no defenders) if resources or cities are discovered
- Added the "Capitol" city-improvement. Only one capitol per nation. It gives a variety of advantages.
- Added a Large Factory city-improvement. The regular factory can be upgraded into a large factory.
- Changed the way the city-window appears: it always appears on the left side of the application (instead of appearing in the center)
- Fixed Bug: VoiceChat data was sometimes taking a long time to reach the target
- PBEM, Fixed Bug: If a player creates a PBEM game while offline, the game warns the player.
- PBEM: Added a tab to the "PBEM Settings" window so players can see all the games on the server and their last update
- Rules Editor: city-improvements can be set to "one per nation" (like the capitol building)
- Rules Editor: Added a feature so that city-improvements can be upgraded (e.g. Factory can be upgraded to "Large Factory")
- Rules Editor: Added a feature so city-improvements can be automatically destroyed when captured (e.g. Capitols get destroyed)

Version 1.01.14506 Available

November 2nd, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Fixed Bug: Units can now attack stacks of (non-grouped) units
- Fixed Bug: There was a problem that would cause units to rotate incorrectly during game replay
- Forts are created by the random map generator
- Players can now pause production using the City-Build window's "pause production" button
- Added a warning if the player is about to submit a turn, and they need more research orders
- Fixed Bug: Units could see units they couldn't normally see if they were within 4 pixels of the other unit
- Fixed Bug: Sometimes random AI players would use the same flag as another player
- Fixed Bug: the note's meetup times were not displaying correctly
- Fixed a variety of bugs with the aircraft, including:
  - Fixed some display issues with aircraft
  - Fixed a bug in the aircraft paths - if it's setup to move to multiple airbases, the path could get messed up
  - Fixed Bug: groups of aircraft wouldn't immediately crash when they ran out of orders
  - Changed the interface to prevent the player from giving movement orders to locations it can't reach
  - Fixed Bug: After a player submitted his turn, other players wouldn't get immediately notified.
  - The event files now contain the name of the game (for easy identification)

Version 1.01.14211 Available

October 26th, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- AI Improvements
  - The AI coordinates invasions better (transports can arrive simultaneously)
  - The AI tends to drop off ground-units earlier, giving players less time to attack full transports
  - Fixed some bugs with the AI
- Fixed a crash
- Combat Simulator: Attrition calculations didn't take into account percent-damage values
- Rules Editor, Fixed bug: Adding a resource maintenance per turn of movement for a unit causes a blank tag to appear for the unit (one for every resource added).
- Rules Editor, Fixed bug: When adding a new tag for a unit, typing it and pressing Enter causes the tag window to close and no tag being added.
- Rules Editor: When double-clicking a technology in the technology list, it goes to that technology page
- Rules Editor: ground-units and sea-units can be repaired inside particular units (like aircraft in carriers)

Version 1.01.13762 Available

October 10nd, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Fixed bug: if a trade failed due to insufficient resources, the error message got repeated multiple times.
- Fixed a bug with the internal bug-report system: it didn't allow foreign characters.
- Fixed bug: ongoing map-transfer was not working correctly
- Fixed a variety of small bugs with the rules-editor
- Increased the foreign relations penalty for sneak-attacking other players
- Fixed bug: the save-game was not remembering the Instant Message Log
- Fixed bug: the "forgot password" email wasn't being sent
- PBEM Fixed bug: the PBEM system wasn't sending out notification emails when the turn was processed
- PBEM Fixed bug: the game will remember your email address for turn-update notifications
- Rules Editor: Generalized units' consumption of resources. Now their maintenance cost can include any combination of resources.
- Rules Editor, Fixed bug: after double-clicking on a unit in the unit-list, the mouse scroll would scroll the unit-list.
- Added new splash-screens to the startup

Version 1.01.13498 Available

October 2nd, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Fixed some bugs with the AI
- Generalized the city-improvement/airfield-improvement costs, so they can cost any combination of resources (instead of just production and iron)
- Rules Editor: Double-clicking on a unit, city-improvement, or airfield-improvement in the list goes to the 'edit' page
- Reduced Turn-Processing time by approximately 40%
- Fixed an AI bug: the AI could go to war against teammates.
- Fixed bug: could not set ground/sea rally points that end in cities/airfields/resources
- Update to the AI: the AI more likely to declare war on players who are at war with their allies and teammates
- Fixed Bug: Ongoing Trade Agreements can't be ended if a trade agreement is started, the game is saved, loaded, and then the player tries to end the trade.
- Fixed Bug: Sometimes aircraft would not takeoff due to an apparent shortage of oil
- Fixed Bug: Sometimes trade agreements would spontaneously be cancelled due to an apparent shortage of resources.

Version 1.01.13083 Available

September 16th, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Fixed a variety of bugs involving the AI
- Fixed bug: when creating large pangea maps, the world-builder will take a very long time. The fix also speeds up normal map building.
- Rules Editor Bug: the "duplicate unit" button wasn't copying all the values
- Rules Editor Bug: the consumption/production values for city-improvements was backwards (affects custom rulesets, but not the official one)
- Fixed Bug: warning messages appeared when setting up teams in the New-Game window
- EOS Messenger: Fixed Bug: Pressing ENTER closes the application
- EOS Messenger: Fixed Bug: the application was not remembering how often to check for updates
- Added 10 New Flags (thanks Hoolaman)
- Fixed Bug: Players could setup units to upgrade multiple times, even though they haven't researched the technology required for the upgrade.
- Fixed Bug: The image editor wouldn't show *.wav files in the list of sounds.
- Rules Editor Bug: fixed an error in the toggling of city-improvement's "can only be built adjacent to water" value

Empires of Steel Sale!

August 19th, 2010

We are kicking off an Empires of Steel summer sale! Instead of the regular price of $35, you can now purchase the full version of this unique strategy game of global domination for just $20 for a limited time!

Version 1.01.12532 Available

August 30th, 2010

- Added a "-Debug" command line argument to help track down problems.
- Fixed bug: Airfields were being constructed too quickly.
- Interface: Fixed a bug in the display of airfield consumption - disbanded airfields appear to consume oil
- Interface: Added the ability to CTRL-select units in the left panel, so multiple units can be selected
- Interface: pressing CTRL+S in the rules editor saves the rules.
- Ruleset Editor: Fixed Crash that happens after deleting a MovementType, Saving and reloading a ruleset.
- Ruleset Editor: Fixed a bug with MovementTypes that messes up the game

Version 1.01.12382 Available

August 24th, 2010

- Fixed bug: when adding random players to a game, it gives an error message about not finding the flag image.
- Interface: Rearranged consumption, production information on the city-build window
- AI: Fixed some problems with AI-repair logic
- Map Editor: cities are no longer limited to a maximum of 20 population, resources are no longer limited to a maximum of 20.
- Rules Editor: Fixed bug, When creating a new movement type, users can't see or change the land/sea/air type
- Rules Editor: Fixed a variety of bugs that result in a crash

Version 1.01.12211 Available

August 19th, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Fixed crash: the game could crash if players gave one ground-unit exit and enter orders on the same pickup/dropoff waypoint. The crash would occur at the beginning of turn-processing.
- Fixed Crash: A crash happens if players are in 'god's eye view' and they hit one of the resource buttons on the top
- Fixed bug: Fixed a rare bug involving flags - when it occurred, flags would not to be loaded
- Interface: Made some adjustments to the progress-window to stop a occasional bug where it won't disappear
- Added new Unit-Image: The British Mark IV/Crusader II
- Interface: Added a new feature to the scenario editor - popup windows can be setup to appear to different players on different turns. This is useful for explaining the scenario to each player.
- Interface: When the city-build window is open, the yellow city-highlight circle stays around a little longer

Version 1.01.12032 Available

August 13th, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Changed the way resources are handled. Players begin experiencing resource shortages when they have less than 25 of a resource, and get bonuses if they have an excess amount of resources. The bonuses increase population growth and production rates.
- Fixed an issue with the rulesets - if some of the "Combat Unit Type" data is setup incorrectly it was causing problems.
- Rules Editor: Added feature to the City-Improvement window: it now displays a list of units it enables.
- AI: Made some adjustments to how the AI chooses whether or not to construct city-improvements. This was to fix a bug where the AI wasn't building city-improvements in some cases.
- Fixed bug: sometimes units inside cities would appear to be elsewhere when selected.
- Unit Images: Added the M3 Tank and AWAC Aircraft to the update. These images can be used in player-created rulesets.
- Unitbar Interface: Added "rank" icons to indicate each units' combat level.
- Ruleset Crash: Fixed a crash in the rules editor. This happens when selecting Combat: Attack Vs: City/Resource/Airfield
- EOS Messenger: Added a countdown timer, ability to customize the frequency of updates, and ability to press a button and check for updates.

Version 1.01.11601 Available

August 1st, 2010

Notable Changes and Fixes:
- Gameplay Change: Added Combat Experience to units. The longer a unit is alive and the more combat they are involved in, the more combat experience they gain. Combat experience gives moderate improvements to the unit’s attack values. This is customizable inside the rules editor.
- Gameplay Change: Airfields used to cost $20. Now they cost $20, 10 Iron, and 1 Oil per turn.
- Interface Addition: Added a ‘city needs orders’ overlay to the reports panel
- Interface Addition: Added an ‘idle units’ overlay to the reports panel
- PBEM Games: If a player tries to join a game, the application will check if the game-host is running a higher version of the application, and tell the player to update the application before joining the game.
- Fixed Crash: The crash can occur with the scroll wheel in the rules editor.
- Fixed Crash: Fixed a crash that can happen just after a game is loaded
- Fixed Bug: Units with attack orders appear in the ‘needs additional orders’ list if they are close to their target
- Fixed Bug: When a game has been finished, the data under the National Summary / Current Income tab is incorrect.
- Fixed Bug: There were several glitches involving unit-groups building airfields
- Fixed Bug: Aircraft on carriers were not intercepting enemy aircraft
- Fixed Bug: There was no way to turn-off a ‘disband’ order once it has been set
- Fixed Bug: Airfields now contribute to a nation’s border area
- Rules Editor: Maintenance costs can be added to city-improvements, airfields, and airfield-improvements.
- Rules Editor: Airfield construction costs are generalized so they can cost any combination of resources (instead of just money)

Version 1.01.11249 Available

July 23rd, 2010

- Added a 'quick start' option to the game.
- Added 'free research' and 'free production' to the game. The quick-start game includes a random amounts of free research and production.
- Updated the Tutorial to use the latest ruleset.
- Changed the Demo map. It's smaller and has more resources.
- PBEM games: Added information so that players can see that events have been uploaded
- PBEM games: Added the ability to change how often the game checks for updates (in the PBEM Settings window)
- Fixed a crash that was occurring with the WW3 scenario
- The 'research' bar (in the upper right) disappears if all technologies have been discovered
- Increased the blast radius of nuclear bombers because they would sometimes explode and not damage units near the target

Version 1.01.10983 Available

July 16th, 2010

- Added a 'turn summary' button that highlights events (sightings, combat) on the map
- Added an email notification system to the PBEM games. Players can be notified by email when the turn is processed. (This option is under "PBEM Settings" on the reports tab.)
- Created a hotkey ('W') for the Turn Summary (can be changed in the preferences window)<
- Fixed bug: unit-groups with units being upgraded still appear in the idle-units list
- Players can now select a unit-group and press 'upgrade' to trigger all their upgradable units to upgrade
- Fixed a bug in the foreign relations display - if relations were low, then declaring war would appear to improve relations
- Fixed two crashes and another problem associated with multiplayer games
- Fixed a bug in the PBEM system

New Video: Creating New Unit Images for the Game

July 12th, 2010

In this video, Empires of Steel creator talks about the process of adding new units to the game. Players can follow these steps and add their own units to the game as well.

slide show